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  • When I attended the BFB in Hawaii last January, it was suggested that we try to restart the S&S (Sunshine and Sangria) in Rota Spain for 2017, I was then assigned to start advertising it and to see if there was any interest in having it. I made a Facebook page. to advertise the event. The dates I chose were September 22 September 26 2017, these dates are flexible and I would like any and all comments as to dates and any other options. Other options to find the Facebook page are to search in Facebook for "Spats Events" or "".

  • Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to attend the S&S this year, I hope all who make it will have a great time and I will miss seeing all of my old friends and making new SPATS acquaintances. Make sure to post your trip experiences.









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Travis AFB, If you need a ride to around base or to an Airport, Hotel or almost anywhere give "Duke" at Aloha Airporter and Shuttle Service a call 707 301-6297. His prices are reasonable and his service is excellent. I've ridden with him and it was a great experience.




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